“Honestly I really can’t get why people love moonlight sonata so much! That this piece will forever be remembered on those people? It just has a simple melody but there is sadness, yes I can hear it? What’s in this piece! Can someone describe this? What emotion can you feel upon hearing this! What bar or passage or part of the moonlight sonata that makes you feel very tensed or very emotional?”
Rik N.

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  • GYoung:

    Well lets see. It’s over 200 years old and is still praised as one of the greatest piano pieces ever written. When played properly it draws you in with its emotion. Like most people i love the 3rd mov. the aggitated feel of it, and the constant movement is what is so captivating about it. Just because it is a simple melody doesn’t mean it isn’t a masterpiece.

  • Rottweil…:

    It’s a melancholic piece. Beethoven wrote it for one of his pupils, the 17years old Countesss Giulietta Guicciardi.. Beethoven had strong feelings towards her but they never started a relationship because they were from different social classes. The work was completed in 1801 and it’s start with a slow first movement which at the time of Beethoven was very unusual for a piano sonata.
    It’s interesting that even non classical music listeners love the piece.. This shows the genius of the person who wrote it. My favorite movement of the sonata is the finale… I like it because it’s so stormy, it has a certain feeling of hoplesness in it, and you can see what a huge amount of talent Beethoven had for improvisation.

  • luve112:

    I just get sucked into how sad and calm it is…Although i pretty much agree with u…i also have no idea why Moonlight Sonata is so attractive…They only listened to the 1st movement thats the WORST part they should have listened to the ENTIRE sonata instead of just that sad depressing 1st movement…
    Oh and i feel like Moonlight was just a selling mechanism for the publishers…When i play the right hand part(the fifth finger part)i feel as the bass and the treble are creating a vision of a pond and the fifth finger notes are creating ripples on the surface…
    Edit:This is one of Beethoven’s easiest first movements to play too so its rather over played by amateur pianists but when it comes to the 2nd or 3rd movement they would just stone there lols…im now currently learning the 2nd movement and brushing up my 1st movement as well as learning the Revolutionary etude…

  • The ‘Moonlight’ part of the title did not come from Beethoven or his publishers (although I’m sure they probably were glad of such a title), it came from a critic of the day saying that listening to the first movement made him think of sitting in a boat on a lake with the moonlight shining down. It seems to have stuck :-)

  • duhmight:

    I love that song because it just flat-out moves me and makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. I think that it’s very difficult for songs to do that to people, and Moonlight Sonata does that. It’s melody is so sad and haunting, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

  • milan:

    the sonata gives warm to the heart. :)
    i’m currently studying the sonata for my recital. i jaz hope that when i play it, i can play with the feeling of what is supposed to be played. (proper emotion) though i have to love the music and make it my own. i need to know the background of this piece. the meaning behind the piece. i know the fur elise and i was able to play it and got carried away by that piece. so if anyone knows the meaning behind the Moonlight Sonata, please, please, please.. inform me :) (much appreciated) take care!

  • Laura:

    Well I currently just finished the first movement. I feel like when people truely want to get captured in this piece, you have to close yours eyes and really pay attention to the song. You have to feel it rise and fall and try to be a part of it. Many people can not capture the feeling it brings, try listening to it at a deeper level.

  • John Wang:

    The first movement’s meaning lies in the last two chords. What I mean is that the two last chords represent the gongs of the church bells and scare the heck out of me when I play them. They seem to represent death. Sure the piece might seem relaxing, but it is about death. I am really confused about the meaning of the third movement though, since it is violent but beautful. Anyway, that is my take on the first. If anyone understands the third, please contact me.

  • Grace:

    Beethoven has always been an inspiration to me. Suffering from minor depression this song almost speaks the depth of the emotional pains that I can feel. Whenever I play this song I’m slightly relieved because I hear that Beethoven felt those harsh feelings too, and that I’m not alone.

  • fandore:

    this song deeply plays on my psychological mind. the emotion i gain form it seems as if its not only sadness but well fit as it is almost a perversion of a classical tone yet astray and unclean, it fits well and thous for some strange reason it must be. the pure raw cords it hits within me seem to tell a deeper passion of the original mind who wrote it.

    personally i like the first movement, the third is well played but seems to loose the raw and deep conplexity to the overall feeling within the song.

  • Mariann Schnabl:

    Thank you, that I heard about this work is performed by Artur Schnabel. My grandfather also played the piano so many times. It is not easy to play because they need deep emotion to it. I have played at that time.
    It would be nice to the other piano playing is heard.
    Mariann Schnabl

  • marcy:

    I love this melody, it makes me feel like someone felt the same way I feel, a deep sadness and fustration because of the one you love!!

  • stranger:

    first of all.. please excuse me for my bad English..
    you are asking what I feel when I listen to this piece.. so here it is..
    For this Moonlight Sonata.. for this one piece of music.. I started taking lessons on how to play the piano.
    What I feel when I listen to the moonlight is basically my whole story of suffering..
    you might not believe me.. but there’s no reason for me to lie..
    I’ve known this piece since I was 10 years old.. I felt so attached to it for no particular reason.. maybe the same reason everyone stated above..
    anyways.. back when I was a teenager, I met a girl in a pure coincidence who loved this piece very much as well.. and she was born in the very same day I was born!.. the moonlight sonata was like a special connection between us.. we fell in love very quickly.. now 6 years have passed already.. our feelings for each other have certainly grown much.. but we have never been “together”.. and will never be.. unfortunately..
    and that’s because of the stupid traditions & costumes..

    6 months ago, I’ve learned that Beethoven himself dedicated this sonata for one of his pupil whom he fell in love with.. but because of the traditions back then, they couldn’t marry each others.. this made me more desperate of my own situation..

    so when I play or listen to the Moonlight.. I feel the continuous pain and sadness Beethoven felt.. as your hopes go up and then down.. as you recall the sweet memories but then the sad unchangeable truth.. as you think of your beloved soulmate but you can’t do anything to be with her.. the first movement has these continuous cycle feelings.. like no matter how much you try.. you will never reach.. you go over and over with how much you want it and how you can’t have it..

    she listened to me playing the first movement many times..

    I’m sorry I know I made it quite long.. but everyone around me *except her* can’t understand my obsession with this piece.. and I saw your topic so I thought I should write down my own feelings..
    sorry again for my bad English and for making it long..

  • My interpretation to this is that Beethoven was inspired to Julie “Giulietta” Guicciardi that he decided to compose this piece despite the fact that he cannot marry her because of social difference between them. I think the emotion of this song is not totally romantic, perhaps a mystery, and maybe he was also depressed since he was beginning to lose his hearing (while composing this song, correct me if I’m wrong),, That is why the feeling when listening to this piece is likely sad and gloomy…

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